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Who are we

Submitted by interdigital on Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 11:53

METALGRUP S.A. is one of the greatest exponents in its sector with modern machinery, constant improvement in production systems, investment in R&D and compliance with Rules and the strictest Quality Certificates. It’s adaptation to market development and experience have made that its products like Fittings for sanitary installations, for Polyethylene pipes, Multilayer and Pex, Valves and Taps to be present, nowadays in Spain as well as in more than forty countries, around the world.

Our specialty is INTEGRAL MANUFACTURING of BRASS STAMPING FITTINGS, consisting in manufacturing bars and ingots in the foundry, cutting bars, stamping, machining and packaging in the factory and storage of products against stock to provide the continuous availability of them and the necessary logistics for distribution to its final destination. Our aim is supply any order within the shortest possible time, supported in a large stock and reputable transport agencies.