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    Why us?

    METALGRUP S.A. was founded in 1983 by Joan Montserrat Camps, who started his professional activity in the family business engaged in production and sales of sanitary taps and stamped brass fittings for plumbing installations.
    METALGRUP S.A. it is one of the greatest exponents in the sector thanks to its modern machinery, to the constant improvement of production systems, investment in R & D and compliance with the Standards and certifications stricter quality.

    Since 1983, METALGRUP S.A. works steadily in order to improve service to our customers, adding to its recognized experience a large investment in the latest machinery and innovative production systems.
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    Our specialty is INTEGRAL MANUFACTURING of BRASS STAMPING FITTINGS, consisting in manufacturing bars and ingots in the foundry, cutting bars, stamping, machining and packaging in the factory and storage of products against stock.