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Basin Mixer PRIMA

Basin Mixer ZERO


Washbasin Adjustable Timed Tap

Adjustable Apparent Timed Tap

Adjustable Embed Urinary-Shower Timed Tap

Adjustable Apparent Urinary-Shower Timed Tap

Adjustable Urinary Timed Tap

Adjustable Timed Tap Head

Pre-adjusted Apparent Timed Tap

Pre-adjusted Embed Urinary-Shower Timed Tap

Pre-adjusted Urinary Timed Tap

Pre-adjusted Timed Tap Head

Pre-adjusted Drinking Fountain Timed Tap

Front Horizontal WC Flowmeter

Embed WC Flowmeter

Telescopic Tube for WC Flowmeter

Horizontal Double Pedal Mixer [Cold-Hot Water]

Horizontal Pedal Tap [Cold Water]

Horizontal Pedal Mixer [Cold-Hot Water]

Vertical Pedal Tap [Cold Water]

Drinking Fountain Timed Tap [Chromium-Plated]

Vertical Drinking Fountain [Chromium-Plated]

Pigs Drinker