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Brass Fittings

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2/P Soldering Plate Fitting 359 GCu Flat Joint

2/P Soldering Connector 359 GlCu

2/P Soldering Connector 359 GlCu with Seal

2/P Soldering Connector 359 GlCu Flat Joint

Tube-Tube Elbow

Tube-Tube Elbow with Flange

Tube-Male Elbow

Tube-Female Elbow

Tube-Female Elbow with Flange

Tube-Female Wall Elbow

Tube-Tube Union

Tube-Tube Reduced Union

Tube-Tube Union with Flange

Tube-Male Union

Tube-Male Reduced Union

Tube-Male Union with Flange

Tube-Female Union

Tube-Female Reduced Union

Tube-Female Union with Flange

Tube-Tube Tee

Tube-Tube Reduced Tee

Tube-Tube Tee with Flange

Tube-Female Tee

Tube-Female Reduced Tee